Texas Best Burger Joint No Longer Exists!

Fri, 05/15/2015 - 07:57 — L.G.L

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My favorite burger joint and burger of all time came from the mom and pop drive-in called Bell's Drive-In in Nocona, Texas. For about 30 years, Bell's served the community and travelers, alike, with some of the best home-style burgers in the civilized world. All those internet lists of best burgers in Texas couldn't hold a candle to a Bells' Burger, a Bell's charcoal cheeseburger basket, to be more specific. Heck, they weren't even real charcoal grilled. Melba's "secret charcoal sauce" was the secret. Well, that and I'd like to think a little love that they put into each burger that came off the grill. I don't know what it was, but it was a flavor that I have not tasted since. And the French fries and Cokes were second to none. Not only good food, but a great atmosphere with names and initials carved into the wood paneled walls and wooden booth tables and benches, just enough grease in the air to know it was real home-style cooking, car hops, cars parked out front with teen-agers falling in love and breaking up. Girls with their long straight hair rolled up in orange juice cans hanging out before they got all "dolled up" before the prom. Teen-age boys challenging each other to meet out on the "Hoosier" highway and drag race or showing off their latest 8-track tape player. Rock 'n' roll coming from the juke box. It was magic. We took it for granted that Bell's would always be there and we would grow old together. Then one day Morris and Melba retired and closed the place. It was the end of an wonderful era for many of us. Today the building stands vacant and slowly decaying. Morris and Melba passed on, but the memories are still fresh and will linger forever in my heart.

On a different note: I have said more than once that I can't wait to get old enough to say what I really think about some stuff. I am almost that old. Stay tuned!

Happy Trails,